02a/ BCT Revised Terms of Reference of LGBs 2018-19  view pdf
 08/BCT Whistle-blowing Policy for BCT signed  view pdf
 09a/BCT Data Protection Policy signed  view pdf
 10_BCT Redundancy and Redeployment Policy and Procedure Mar 2017  view pdf
 12/BCT Child protection_Safeguarding Policy signed  view pdf
 13/BCT Managing Allegations Against Staff Policy signed  view pdf
 14_BCT Staff Code of Conduct signed  view pdf
 16c H&S policy 2019-20 signed  view pdf
 19 BCT Freedom of Information policy - DRAFT Board 061217  view pdf
 22/ BCT Grievance Procedure 2018-20 signed  view pdf
 23/ BCT Peer on Peer Abuse Policy signed  view pdf
 24/ BCT Special Educational Needs and Disabilies Policy  view pdf
 25./ BCT Managing Staff Sickness Absence Policy 2018-20 signed  view pdf
 26/ BCT Staff Disciplinary Policy 2018-20 signed  view pdf
 28./ BCT Complants Procedure 1219  view pdf
 29/ BCT Safer Recruitment Policy  view pdf
 30/ BCT Growing great teachers  view pdf
 31/ BCT Improving individual performance in Support Staff  view pdf
 32/ BCT Teacher Capability Policy  view pdf
 33/ BCT Leave of absence procedure  view pdf
 36/ Lone Working policy signed  view pdf