02/ Governance Policy (including Scheme of Delegation)  view pdf
 08/ Whistleblowing Policy   view pdf
 09a/ Data Protection Policy  view pdf
 09b/ Freedom of Information Publication Scheme  view pdf
 10/ Redundancy and Redeployment Policy and Procedure  view pdf
 12/ Child protection_Safeguarding Policy  view pdf
 13/ Managing Allegations Against Staff Policy  view pdf
 14/ Staff Code of Conduct  view pdf
 16/ Health & Safety policy  view pdf
 22/ Grievance Procedure  view pdf
 24/ Special Educational Needs and Disabilies Policy  view pdf
 25/ Managing Staff Sickness Absence Policy  view pdf
 27/ Staff Disciplinary Policy  view pdf
 28/ Complaints Procedure  view pdf
 29/ Safer Recruitment Policy  view pdf
 30/ Growing Great Teachers  view pdf
 31/ Improving individual performance in Support Staff  view pdf
 32/ Teacher Capability Policy  view pdf
 33/ Leave of absence procedure  view pdf
 34/ Equalities Statement  view pdf
 35/ General Annual Grant Pooling Policy  view pdf
 36/ Lone Working policy signed  view pdf
 37/ Policy for supporting children who cannot attend School because of Health Needs - signed  view pdf
 38/ Investment Policy  view pdf
 42/ Remote Education inc. Safeguarding  view pdf
 43/ CCTV Policy  view pdf